Pool Blaster® Head & Hose Attachment

The Perfect Companion For Extended Reach Cleaning
Is water depth an issue when vacuuming your pool, spa or fountain? Water Tech has developed a companion accessory to give you added flexibility when vacuuming at minimal water levels.

The Pool Blaster Head & Hose Attachment gives you 55 additional inches of length for extended reach cleaning. The Pool Blaster Head & Hose Attachment attaches to many of our Pool Blaster products. Simply remove the vacuum head, insert the Head & Hose Attachment to your products nose cap or vacuum head adapter,  Lay your Pool Blaster product in the water and start vacuuming!

PART # P30X882


• 55 inch hose
• 7 inch crevice tool
• Safe for all pool surfaces
• Available for the following products: Catfish, Catfish Ultra, Volt Fx4Li, Volt Fx-8Li, Max, Max CG, PRO Series, Precision, Centennial class
• Perfect for cleaning when minimal water levels are an issue such as, all types of pools, spas, kiddie pools, any inflatable pools and fountains.

• Unit Size: 55" x 1.5"
• Unit Weight: 0 .7 lbs
• Product Packaging: 20" x 12 1/4" x 3"
• Warranty: 90 Days