Choose a product that meets your needs

As the industry innovator for almost two decades, Water Tech has streamlined the task of pool cleaning with our line of cordless, rechargeable Pool and Spa vacuums.  To help you find which product is the best fit for you, we categorize our products by type of use classification.

You can choose from:
•Light Duty Use
•Medium Duty Use
•Ultra Heavy Duty Use
•Commercial Duty Use

There’s strength in numbers

Water Tech™'s Power Rating isn't only about power or suction, our exclusive Power Rating measures the Total Cleaning Efficiency of each model. Factored in as a combination of Power, Technology, Debris Capacity, Vacuum Head Efficiency, Warranty, and Included Accessories.


Light Duty Use

Medium Duty Use

Heavy Duty Use

Ultra Heavy Duty Use

Commercial Duty Use

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