Keeping Your Hot Tub Spotless and Blissful All Year Round with Water Tech Handheld Pool Vacuums

Water Tech’s Pool Maintenance Trio of Handheld Pool Vacuums – Solutions Designed To Elevate Your Spa And Hot Tub Experience

Experience year-round cleanliness and luxury for your spa and hot tub with Water Tech’s innovative handheld pool vacuum solutions. As the seasons change, indulge in spotless bliss with the efficiency of the Pool Blaster Pulse and the affordable convenience of the Pool Blaster Aqua Broom. And don’t forget the eco-conscious innovation of  Pool Blaster Spa Vac Recharge, ensuring an inviting, clean hot tub in every season. Trust Water Tech to keep your spa a haven of relaxation no matter the time of year.

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As winter wraps its icy arms around us here in the north, there’s something genuinely magical about dipping into a warm, bubbling hot tub. So, in this blog, we’ll explore the art of relaxation and the secrets to keeping your hot tub in top shape during chilly months. Water Tech handheld pool vacuums make your spa maintenance a breeze. Join us on this journey to unwind, renew, and discover professional maintenance tips from the industry experts at Water Tech.

Have you ever wondered if enjoying your hot tub even in the coldest months is possible? Spoiler alert: it is! Further, we’ll share insider knowledge on why hot tubs are easier to keep running cleanly than you might think. Especially with Pool Blaster handheld vacuums.  That is to say, turn your winter retreat into a haven of warmth and relaxation. 

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Pool Blaster Pulse portable pool vacuum
POOL BLASTER PULSE 7.5” pivoting scrub brush vacuum head seamlessly transitions from pool to spa effortlessly.


The Pool Blaster® Pulse® portable pool vacuum is an excellent solution for both pools with built-in spas. Its 7.5” pivoting scrub brush vacuum head efficiently captures dirt, enabling a seamless transition from pool to spa. Equipped with an XL debris chamber, it can hold various debris types, including acorns, twigs, leaves, sand, and silt. This handheld pool vacuum ensures convenient cleaning, making it ideal for pools, hot tubs, and spas alike. No hoses or cords are needed for the Pool Blaster Pulse handheld pool vacuum. The unique canister debris chamber uses a dual-cam lever connection, making it easy to empty between cleanings. The Pulse® is designed to run for up-to 45 minutes with a lithium-ion battery. 


Explore the benefits of pre-season pool prep, especially for those fortunate enough to live in warmer climates.

While many choose to close their spas and hot tubs for the winter, keeping them running throughout the year is more effortless. Running them during chilly months is more manageable than shutting them down for the season. Certainly, winter and fall are beautiful seasons to use a Spa with minimal maintenance. Moreover, the hot water and massage breathe life back into frozen feet and aching joints. Instead of winterizing for the cold, why not make the most of your investment and enjoy it? Read more amazing tips and tricks here and gain some insightful information for smooth-running Spas & hot tubs, whatever the season. From the folks at Water Tech –The Pool Invention People the first in rechargeable, cordless, hoseless handheld pool vacuums.

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Water Tech legacy of cordless handheld pool vacuums Pool blaster Aqua Broom for Spas & hot tubs
POOL BLASTER AQUA BROOM, Cordless Handheld Pool Vacuum.

  The cordless Aqua Broom is a convenient, portable pool vacuum cleaner for quick-set and Intex® pools. Aqua Broom® is an easy-to-use manual pool vacuum staple in any pool shed toolkit. It is Handy for keeping pools or spas sparkling clean. As a result, keeping your water clean takes the strain off your pump. Additionally, this manual pool vacuum is also highly efficient for hard-to-get corners, stairs, and crevices. In other words, it’s a convenient, affordable pool cleaner for all water application types: spas, hot tubs, and fountains. The Aqua Broom, a handheld pool vacuum, is also excellent for picking up fine debris, sand, and silt for smaller pools. Checking the water level allows you to clean the tub with Water Tech’s Aqua Broom.


Most importantly, keeping the water in your Spa warm and at the proper level saves energy and prevents damage. Freezing can damage your Spa as well as the pipes. Also, check the water temperature frequently. Too little water will also prevent the pump from circulating the warm water, risking ice damage. At colder times of the year, your water is more likely to evaporate faster than at warmer times of the year. See more cold weather prep here from The Spa & Sauna, Co.


Pool blaster Spas & hot tubs handheld pool vacuum
POOL BLASTER SPA VAC RECHARGE: A Handheld Pool Vacuum is Convenient for Spas & Hot Tubs.

Pool Blaster Spa Vac® Recharge pool cleaner is a compact and convenient rechargeable vacuum for hot tubs and spas. Ideal for dirt, sand, silt, and more, it has extraordinary power for thorough clean-ups of virtually any water application. Consequently, it’s a convenient, handheld pool vacuum for all types of spas, hot tubs, and fountains. Similarly, it’s a great spot cleaner for traditional above ground pool cleaners. Lightweight and easy to use, no installation necessary, no hoses, cords, or external pumps. The lithium-ion battery-powered Spa Vac Recharge is designed to run for up to 40 minutes. Easy on/off operation without forced air pumping, no water hook-up required. Lightweight and easy to use by hand or attach to the included telescopic pool pole. In short, it is ready to spot clean and attach to any pool pole for extended coverage.

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It’s never too early to dream of sun-kissed days and poolside lounging. So why not explore the benefits of pre-season pool thinking, especially for those fortunate enough to live in warmer climates? We’ll guide you through cleaning rituals that pave the way for a seamless transition into the warmer seasons. Furthermore, see more tips and tricks from Water Tech about opening and closing cleaning solutions.

WATER TECH’S LEGACY OF THOUGHTFUL DESIGNWater Tech legacy of cordless handheld pool vacuums Pool blaster Spas & hot tubs

Step behind the curtain and discover the heart and soul of Water Tech’s design philosophy. With 23 pool seasons and a 30-year heritage, Water Tech’s core approach centers on thoughtful design for the industry. Meanwhile, uncover unique features of our top three manual handheld pool vacuums for your pool. Water Tech continually enhances its products through ongoing improvements. Secondly, our products are meticulously designed, engineered, and serviced with care in the USA.

A YEAR-ROUND OASIS OF WELLNESS –Life-Changing Spa And Hot Tub Health Benefits Unlock A Wellness Experience

Pool enthusiasts are actively engaging in the growing trend of home wellness strategies. This trend is particularly prominent in the post-pandemic era. Homeowners are expanding outdoor spaces for recreation and health, incorporating hot tubs, spas, and pools. However, the truth is no one wants to relax in a dirty Spa or hot tub. That’s where Water Tech comes in with handheld pool cleaners, ensuring a clean and enjoyable year-round experience in your spa and hot tub.

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide wellness hot tubs & SpaYear-round wellness with Water Tech goes beyond a mere concept; it’s a lifestyle. In conclusion, click here to discover the transformative health benefits of “Hydrotherapy from your spa and hot tub. Guarantee a consistently blissful spa experience throughout the year. Whether you’re envisioning warm days or embracing the winter chill, Immerse yourself in relaxation and rejuvenate your spirit.  Trust Water Tech to maintain your spa in optimal condition, no matter the season.

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Water Tech offers a variety of cordless pool and spa cleaners designed for various cleaning needs. Which pool vacuum meets your needs: Find a Water Tech pool vacuum that best fits your needs; products are categorized by “Type of Use Classification.”

Water Tech – The Pool Innovation People

The Water Tech Corporation is an American manufacturing company and creator of the first-ever cordless Pool Blaster®. Water Tech’s rechargeable cordless, hoseless pool vacuum cleaners are the number-one selling in the industry. Sold internationally in 23-countries and celebrating 20 years of innovation. The company aims to deliver inventive pool cleaning solutions for homeowners’ hot tubs, spas, in-ground and above-ground pools. And for professionals’ commercial use – public pools, spas, college universities, and sports facilities. Water Tech products are categorized by “best-fit for customers’ needs by type of use. Noted for USA-based Support Customer Service, visit the Customer Service Portal.  Or, for quick answers to your questions, access the handy fast-access FAQ page. Visit – “Leveraging a Legacy of Leadership & Pool Innovation.”

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